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Eyeglasses Repair/Products

Nosepad Replacement

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Nosepad replacements for eyeglasses are done at no addition charge to consumers. Many manufacturers use hard plastic nosepads for their frames. Often times this can lead to indentations and/or discomfort. Prescription glasses don't have to be uncomfortable. Bee See Optical will replace your nosepads with a silicone material which provides the wearer with  a softer design and much more comfortable fit. Whether you're in the Miamisburg area for leisure or a resident, stop in for your free replacement. 

Screw Replacement

Screw replacement for glasses, nosepad screws, eyewear screws, eyeglass screw replacement.

Sometimes we just have a screw loose! Eyeglasses can be a pain. Even prescription glasses.Over time eyewear screws have a tendency of backing out of its barrel. Bee Seen Optical will replace screws at no additional charge to its consumers. In most eyewear designs, screws gold the lenses and nosepads in proper placement. Stop in and make sure your screws aren't loose! Come see us in downtown Miamisburg for necessary repairs.


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If you have a tendency of taking glasses off with one hand, if you wear plastic glasses instead of metal ones; these are all examples of situations that would cause your eyewear to feel like they were falling off. Bee Seen Optical located in Miamisburg will tighten your eyeglasses at no additional charge. 

Cleaning Cloths

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Do your eyeglasses seem like they are constantly smudging when you try to clean them. This could be from the type of no-glare coating that was used or you just need a new cleaning cloth. Prescription glasses are always getting dirty. Cleaning cloths collect dust over time and without routinely cleaning can smear your lenses. Bee See Optical will give you a complimentary cleaning cloth with every purchase. Microfibers cloths will leave your lenses just a little bit cleaner. 

Eyeglass Cleaner

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It is important that you use lens cleaner before using your microfiber cloth. A new cleaner for eyeglasses is available at Bee Seen Optical that is made of 100% recycled material. SeeGreen works just as well as any cleaner we've ever used, great for the environment, and leaves a lemon scent.  Available for orders in Miamisburg in travel sizes and 8oz sizes suitable for office settings. Works great on computer screens, cell phones, and of course, your lenses!


Readers, eyeglass readers, retro readers, over the counter readers, reading glasses.

Readers are available upon request. Bee Seen Optical has a wide online catalog to order over the counter readers that fits your personality. Consumers can even order readers with their favorite NFL team. Available in +.50 to +4.00 in select styles. Keep in mind that readers are not a substitute for everyday prescription lenses.